Personalize It

We’ve touched on different aspects to email marketing in previous articles. We know that in order to achieve maximum results an email need to be relevant to its recipients. But how do we create a relevant email? I’d like to focus on the personilization aspect of email marketing.

The basic way of personalizing an email is by inserting the name of the recipient into the heading, such as ‘Hi Tom! We’d like to inform you of a promotion we are currently running..’ as opposed to writing simply, ‘Hi friend.’ But that’s just the basics and as the Internet communications world expands, soon this may not be enough to achieve optimum personalization results. Since you want to give your email the best chance to be viewed, you’ve got to tap into your creativity and get the ideas flowing!

One great method in personalization is to gather all the facts you know about the recipienet and insert them appropriately into the correspondence. For example, Robert lives in Maine and has a pet dog and his birthday falls in March. With this valuable information you can pen an email to Robert as follows, ‘Good morning Robert. Just suggesting you take a look at our latest sweater arrivals which you might found a great way to combat the cold weather!’ Of course we are not suggesting a separate email to each of your subscribers, you can program the emails to transfer the appropriate words taken from customer files. While some companies may feel this is not necessary, it definitely improves your chances of having you email opened which hopefully leads to some serious shopping!

Another idea is to to suggest products in your email that the recipient has previously purchased or shown an interest in. Aside from the personal touch this lends, there’s a much greater chance of conversions occurring if you are indeed advertising a product that the customer is interested in. Instead of a response sounding like: “Wool suits on sale again! How many wool suits can a man own?” Delete, You can generate a reaction more similar to “Oh they’re having a sale on the shirts I like! Let me check them out!”

A date triggered campaign is the next step in personalization. A typical example would be a Happy Birthday campaign which many companies currently use to wish their subscribers well and to include some special birthday deal too. We’ll use Robert from Maine again in our example. Roberts birthday is March 14 to be exact. His information is stored in the database and a set amount of days before march 14 a happy birthday email is sent to him with a 10 percent off coupon to use on his next purchase. The email can be further personalized to include any other information you wish and can be set up to include other special dates such as anniversary or graduation too! I’m one of those who looks forward to that special day the whole year just for the coupons that come pouring in my inbox! It’s really not that difficult to set up these campaigns and you will have your business on the road to personalizing success!