Reputation Management

In our daily lives we are always concerned about our reputation. The choices we make regarding where to eat, where to shop, and where to vacation are extremely dependant on the image we like to present of ourselves. Will vacationing here damage my reputation at all? What will people think if I do x? We are constantly looking over our shoulders concerned over what people think of us.

When we design a website, we put all our efforts in, our brainpower, our creativity to make it a success. Reputation management is a necessary in order to maintain a good reputation and a good ranking. Reputation management is the act of listening to and reacting to other people opinion and comments concerning your online business. It is not defensive marketing, rather it is focusing on customers and serving them as they need.

Below I will list a few tips for managing your reputation: Consider setting up a couple of free Google alerts. These alerts will send out an email whenever Google comes across a new page or post containing any of the keywords you chose. Set up alerts for your store name, website address, key characters in your company, top products you sell, etc. This way you will be notified each time something new is written about something very relevant of you which will help you monitor how others feel about your site or products.

There are a couple of analytics tools that scour around the internet tracking conversations about stores, brands, and their competitors.

Another key point is to focus on the customers. A critical comment most probably resulted from a poor shopping experience so try to soothe and address accordingly. To a customer who rates his experience on your website as fantastic, comment back, strike up a conversation and try to get some leads. It’s all about the communication and really understanding and working to help your customers out.

Utilize all the comments, negative and positive, to help enrich the experience of other visitors and shoppers. Customer feedback is a fantastic way to learn what really excited people about your website and business.