Social Media and Blogging for the Ecommercer

A surprising tip for ecommerce merchants looking to promote sales (who’s not) is to create a blog. Some might perceive it strange to create a blog linked to an ecommerce store but it does have a couple of very beneficial advantages. When a customer browses through your store or completes a purchase, it shows he or she has an interest in the products you market. Creating a blog is then beneficial as other satisfied customers will transmit over their feelings and ideas on other products that you sell that they enjoyed. This may result in a larger number of visitors transforming into returning customers! A blog is also good for sharing tips, posting promotions, and new inventory alerts. Additionally with the rise in social media there is a high chance that someone may share a blog post on any of the numerous social media sites available. This will definitely get the traffic moving in your direction.

Interesting and attracting content such as video clips, surveys, and refreshing articles about interesting topics posted in your blog are a great way to generate click throughs that will encourage readers to visit your store out of curiosity and interest. Try adding in some exciting content and your readers will take care of the rest!

In order to create a strong relationship to keep your customers loyal you need to express yourself in a conversational and friendly tone in your posts. Try to send out the message that you are a people organization with views and interests like they are and not just a store to complete a purchase from and move on. Sound interested in their experiences and smooth out any any bumps in a pleasant and friendly manner. By following the conversations taking place on your blog you can gain insight into what your customers are looking for and what will encourage them to return.

Use the opportunity of all the social media sites available to check out what people on these sites feel about your company and product. Spend a couple of minutes a day searching for keywords related to your product and read the comments surrounding them. This can give you valuable insight on upcoming trends, keyword optimization, or even ways to improve your pay per click campaign. The social media news site, Digg, is a wonderful resource for finding out the above mentioned information.

With just a couple minutes investment each day or even week, you will be on your way to finding out what really makes your customers tick. You can create relationships and gain important insights about your customers and products in a exciting and interesting way!