Start Social Networking

If you were wondering what the key is to gaining and maintaining a steady customer base, social networking may be your solution. Social networking websites function like an online community of web-users, a group of people who share common interests and communicate. Online social networking is fast becoming the popular way to branch out and communicate & network with consumers. In today’s growing population of web-users, one needs to be able to network with prospective customers in any means necessary. Most people rely on blogs and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter , Yahoo groups and others, where people can comment, vote, take quizzes, utilize gadgets and obtain feedback. We need to be able to incorporate and familiarize ourselves with these new venues.

Communication or networking is the key. Taking interest by trying to answer or satisfy a complaint or question shows customers that we are active and care. People like to be heard, feel listened to; they thrive on communication. Even just dropping an email address where people can contact you is another way to show people that we are into customer service.

When a company asks the opinion of a customer on how to perfect a product/service they’ll be quick to answer and keep up the relationship for future transactions. It creates a connection that links you with the customer. Posting a survey and asking for customer input and advice is a great way to keep the customer involved and loyal.

A study in 2008 in the Public Relations Journal found that about two-thirds of the participants in the study believed that blogs and social media have enhanced what occurs in public relations. More than half of the study’s respondents believed that it has changed the way their organizations communicate. Eight- four percent felt that blogs and social media have made for quicker communications because it encourages companies to respond quicker to criticism and the like.

A recent study on women showed that 42 million women in the US (over 50% of the 79 million women who use the Internet) participate in social media at least once a week. In turn they are spending significantly less time reading newspapers (39%), magazines (36%) and watching TV(30%).

We see from the above that in order to keep our businesses flourishing, we have to keep up with the trends, go with the flow and communicate in the way today’s people do.