The Advantages to Multi-Variate Testing

The advantage to site-wide testing is enormous. In the field of Internet Marketing multivariate testing is quite popular. As opposed to following a gut instinct or well-meaning advice of acquaintances about a necessary change, actual site testing on a specific feature, design, content placement, etc will show you which version will be more effective and successful. Majority of successful ecommerce sites rely on multivariate testing as opposed to complete site makeovers. The key is not to conduct any site change without running a test to facilitate a more successful change.

The difference between the simple A/B testing and multivariate testing is while A/B is comparing version A versus version B and determining which is the better or more popular version of the two, multi-variate testing can be viewed as numerous A/B testing being conducted at the same time. The only limit to the testing is based on the time and response of the visitors.

The platform can be arranged in any way. You can set up your site to change the variable after x amount of visitors and then compare actions of all visitors who viewed version A versus the version Bs and Cs. You can really use the information in any way you want to benefit your business.

Checkout pages can really benefit from this sort of testing. Shopping cart abandonment has long since been a mystery that all owners wish to solve. Now here is the perfect opportunity. You can set up your platform with many different version to the checkout process, registering for checkout as opposed to a speedy checkout procedure, if registering how much information is necessary, if not registering how to obtain information for future emails, etc. You can test multiple versions of your shopping bag design, different font sizes and image placements. The possibilities are endless and you will have the best voters out there, your customers!

The amazing things about testing is that it can really show you the results you need. Webmasters who’ve implemented tests and made changes based on results have achieved all kinds of positive outcomes from significant bounce rate decreases to a greater rate of newsletter subscribers. You can test any aspect of your site that you want to improve, or just to reaffirm that the way you designed a certain feature is producing the best results for you.