The Good Old Print Catalogue

Many times a business looking to increase sales may send out a catalogue showing the products they carry. Its a wonderful tool for product browsing since its on hand and visible til it gets thrown out! In addition not many ecommerce businesses produce catalogues which makes it a unique attention grabber. Although this is a great engine for promoting sales many times they are limited in being able to provide customers interactivity. At times the space constraints or the coloring in the catalogue leaves much to be desired in describing the virtues of the product. Companies that carry a large variety of products sometimes cannot create a catalogue large enough to accommodate all they have to show.

It may be worthwhile though, to send out a catalogue to complement your website. Give the buyer a taste of what you have to offer and then direct them to log on to your website. Make sure to include your URL in obvious locations on each page of your catalogue to encourage people to check out your website. This is where a good web design can play an important role too. You need something that appeals to the customer’s eye, something that makes it easily conducive to shop and complete a purchase.

A online store can be customized more than a standard catalogue to suit the needs of your website visitors. It helps to reduce customer hesitations by exploring the benefits of the products, enhancing the features, and detailed product descriptions. There is also the advantage of offering spontaneous promotions to urge a customer to complete his decision.

Many large online retailers surprisingly revert to good old print catalogues to deliver their targeted content, to get out their products and broaden their audience. They’ve discovered that despite or in spite of the latest technology many customers find the online shopping experience overwhelming and frustrating. Many customers prefer a more personalized and content relevant option.

Whichever method you currently use, it may be beneficial to look into producing a print catalogue, to attract even those customers who are not computer-savvy. A catalogue may even work just to pique people’s interest and invite them to look into your business online a bit more. Its a wonderful way to spread the word about what you need to offer.