The Joys of January

Most businesses expect the month of January to be kind of slow. After the frenzy of the December shopping most people need time to replenish their cash supply and enjoy the gifts they’ve received and are not looking to spend more. So how can we take advantage of the first month of the year and use it to the fullest?

Consider offering free shipping. I know personally that when I’m notified of a free shipping offer (especially when it’s for a limited time only) I’m much more likely to shop the merchandise and complete a purchase. Things just seem so much cheaper when there are no additional shipping costs.

Since most people are feeling cash strapped it’s a fantastic time to spotlight on your clearance items, particularly accessories. Accessories make customers feel like they’re not spending too much, after all its just a complement for the main articles. Its a great way for you as a reatailer to rid yourself of all leftover items that didn’t go during the busy shopping season.

Additionally consider selling grouped items at a lager discount. Its a wonderful idea to implement this feature on a general basis too, to have a list of ‘things you may like’ appear when a single item is selected. Offer an additional discount to customers purchasing multiple similar items, such as a hat, scarf and glove set, or an ipod charger and case,etc.

Many times introducing your new arrivals at a discounted price will garner interest. Many people are a tad bored we can say, of the items they’ve been perusing the entire shopping season. Though not on the lookout for anything in particular they may just want to browse the new products to see if something catches their eye. By offering a discount, say 30 percent off a single item, there’s a good chance they may purchase a single item or two of your new stock.

Though January arrives after shopping season it is still the calendar month of many people’s birthdays. Send out reminder emails to customers about possible birthday obligations they may need to fulfill. It’s a great reminder where applicable, may actually generate sales, and portrays your company in quite a thoughtful light!

Prepare yourself that January might be a relatively slow month but utilize the time to conduct surveys, read through customer comments about your site, touch up the design a a bit, review your SEO strategy, etc. January can serve as your catching up month, sorting through all the things that kinda got pushed aside with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. However you choose to conduct yourself, you know you’ve given January your best shot!