I’d like to present an overview of Facebook’s relatively new feature,Timelines. The objective in instating this change to the standard profile was to give viewers the opportunity to create a more long term outlook on life depicting milestones,etc, as opposed to just standard daily doings. The standard posts usually consist of what you ate for breakfast or how you spent your weekend leaving important events that occurred earlier such as new job or a recent move to slip off your page. With the instate of Timeline you will have the opportunity to keep your important events posted and still post on the ordinary facets of your life. Though this format hasn’t been fully incorporated especially for businesses, it’s important to know what is in store.

There are three components that make up the new Timeline page: ‘Cover’, ‘Stories’ and ‘Apps.’ The cover is the huge banner image that replaces the thumbnail images of your profile. It’s quite visually appealing as both the size and design lend an excitement to the page. For a business, this cover poses a huge advantage for all Internet marketing ventures. You can use this cover to announce a new product, advertise a sale or just to relay warm holiday wishes to all your fans! It’s a great way to really get a message across!

The stories segment is divided into ‘place’ and ‘life event. Similar to your status updates, stories will appear with the most recent at the top of the list and less recent further down in descending order. The page is now divided in two which means you don’t need to scroll far down in order to view an older post. You can also opt to hide a post you prefer not to share, or to star an especially important one to cause it to double in size and garner more interest.

On the right side of the page is a timeline (hence the name) where users can go back month by month and fill in important events. Companies can utilize this feature to elaborate on the growth of the bushiness and give a month by month or year by year progress record. Fans will enjoy reading how their favorite business grew from the small business it started as, to the popular expanded on it now is. Additionally for small businesses this is a great feature to keep your fans updated on all progresses made and to show how your business really is on the road to success. This encourages people to interact with you and to shop your products.

Apps is a feature that allows you to show your friends the things you like to do. You can show a clip of your favorite movie, post a favorite recipe or pictures of you doing what you love. It’s a more social feature that really involves your friends in your daily life. For a business this features endless possibilities of great ways to incorporate fans into the things you like to do as a person and as part of your business. It depends on your personality how much of yourself you’d like to open up on your company page.

Though Facebook hasn’t yet switched fan pages to Timeline it’s a great idea to start incorporating the Timelines format into your profile. It’s important to stay current with the times and start figuring out the best way to maximize your business with the new format. An opportunity like this is a fantastic way to jump-start your business and you want to be ready when it comes.