Tips on Recruiting Email Subscribers

There are many important factors in creating a fantastic email campaign. We’ve discussed many of them in previous blogs and now I’d like to focus on the recruiting process. How do you encourage people to sign up to be a part of your email campaign?

Coupons, freebies, special discounts are some of the things that really excite people. Give your visitors a reason to want to sign up to your monthly newsletter. Most times, unless your site boast really fascinating content, content alone will not be enough to encourage people to request more. Slip in or hint on special deals for subscribers,or offer a promotion for all first time email subscribers to garner more interest towards your campaign.

It is so tempting to create a lengthy sign up form to get the most information out of your visitor, you want to learn what interests them, what deals they are looking for and even when their birthday is. Though these questions are all to their ultimate benefit, save the forms for later. For the initial signing up just present a basic name and email address sign in because too many questions will dissuade your visitors before they have even completed the process. There will be times later for your to find out the valuable information you need.

Last but definitely not least is your placement. Where have you positioned these all important data collectors? Is your email subscription option located at the bottom, written in a nondescript font? Then how do you expect your site visitors to notice or better yet sign up? You need to position your subscription options in a place that all visitors are sure to see. Better yet, design the subscription button in multiple places throughout your website, home page, checkout page and some in betweens. As long as it’s not too much in the face of your visitors to the point of annoyance you may really gain a lot more subscribers!

As with all campaigns use your creativity to create a really successful outcome!!