Whats it all ABOUT?

Perusing your website you feel satisfied with the content you have included. You feel your website is optimized for Google’s search engines and for customers alike. Yet you stop short as you skim the descriptive words on the ‘About’ page. Something about your corporate description just seems so formal and disengaging. You know this is not the message you want to send out to your readers but you’re just not sure how exactly to create an about page that reflects the image you want to create.

So how to go about creating an exciting about page that presents the impression you desire? Firstly I’d like to dispel a myth of some sorts: Your ‘About’ page does NOT have to be formal and boring! It is important that this page reflects the same idea the rest of your site does. Just as any page on your site is created with a goal, your ‘About’ page needs to have a goal and include content that will be conducive to the accomplishment of that goal. A common goal on an ‘About’ page is to introduce people to your website and encourage them to return again! Therefore, your content needs to be designed in an interesting and enjoyable fashion. It’s also important that the central theme of your website follows through to the ‘About’ page. If your website is designed to be fun and engaging for readers, the ‘About’ page should not be a boring and formal collection of generic words. Aside from the fact that it does not compel your readers to complete any actions, it also disrupts the frame of mind they may have had when reading the rest of your informative pages.

You may want to include a snapshot of yourself or a two minute video describing your background, your accomplishments and goals for the future. It’s a great way to assist your customers in creating a connection with you; they want to know what you’re all about! But you should definitely not be the sole focus of the ‘about’ page. Include some useful tips and solutions to issues relevant to your business. Explain your company plan and the various methods you use to acquaint them with the workings of your business and the benefits in working with you over your competitors.

People reading the ‘About’ page are trying for a glimpse of what the company is all about it. So design your ‘About’ page to present your company in the best way. Include the information you would want a random browser skimming over your site to know. Your content should be transmitted over in an enjoyable manner to compel people to read the rest of your website pages. Allow your company’s information to speak for itself!