Don’t ever underestimate the power of the written word. The ecommerce market (as with any market) is rife with competition, and everyone wants to succeed. The ease at which consumers can surf between sites greatly increases the competition level. With two windows open simultaneously and the customer alternating back and forth between your product and a similar one, what is going to convince him to choose yours?

The answer lies in your product descriptions. You have to craft a unique description that entices and excites your customer and persuades him that your product is the better of the two.

Before creating a description it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the pertinent data to discover who your target audience is. When designing for teenagers you need to incorporate the language and the styles they use and admire. Retired professionals are engaged via straightforward and sophisticated wording. You want to describe your product in the best way to attract its targeted audience. Using slang descriptions when describing the latest lawn chairs is just not going to fly so well, while ‘hot’ will definitely entice your teenagers when choosing shoulder bags. Though you may want to create a description geared towards all audiences stay far away; that would be a great way to produce generic web copy that will not assist in relevant conversions.

Each description should be thought out. Don’t just throw together a couple of key words that the manufacturer suggested, aside from the being non persuasive, you may land yourself into the problem of duplicate content, which can be detrimental to your site ranking.

It is important to list ingredients or key materials in your products, but don’t focus on them. Choose instead to highlight the benefits your product provides; expound on its durability, the unique colors it comes in, the easy maintenance, etc.

And of course images. A picture can really project the impression you want to affect on your browsers. Photograph your product in a clean setting so as not to detract from the product. If the item is available in various colors include pictures of each one. People appreciate being able to view a product from different angles to give them a clearer idea of how it looks. The more comprehensive image you project the more beneficial it is to you.

So when the competition is fierce you’ve got to give it all you’ve got. You’ve got to create a reason that your customer should opt for your product over another’s. And once you’ve created a description read it over and ask yourself what about this description compels me to acquire this product. And if you can’t find anything then back to the drawing board until you’re satisfied.