YouTube’s Marketing Benefits

Google is universally known to be the most popular search engine. Coming up just behind Google is known other than You-Tube, the video library. There are more searches done on You-Tube than on Yahoo! and even Bing to name a few. Many people when looking for a product will search on YouTube to see if perhaps there is a video demonstrating or promoting this product. Seeing the product in action is a wonderful way to view how the product actually works. Studies have shown that vendors marketing the same products, one with a promotional video, one with just a regular online advertisement, people were more likely to view and eventually purchase from the vendor with the video about his product.

When creating a marketing video there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

YouTube traffic is dependent upon focused keywords that surround the video, much like in regular search engine optimization. Search engines work by scouting around the Internet, following links to find new and updated websites, and saving copies of its results. The saved copies are then analyzed by sophisticated algorithms to properly categorize and rank the websites. These results will determine where a page will come up in the search results for the item or product it is marketing. Using relevant keywords when titling your video is as important as proper titling for a website because you want your video to be ranked and to come up when people search for the products you are marketing.

Placing your website name in the video is an important measure to keep the traffic flowing from viewers on YouTube to your actual website. Another interesting tip can be to actually have a call to action in the video itself … “Don’t forget to visit our website…”

Selecting an accurate video category is extremely important to guide potential customers to view your products. Try to be as specific as possible so that there is a better chance of your video ranking higher up in the search.

Last but definitely not least is to make your video enjoyable. Make sure it is not too long and drawn out so people don’t lose interest halfway through and therefore connote your product as ‘boring’. It should be something easy to understand and comprehend for all potential customers.

Remember to keep the basic SEO rules in mind, the same as for any other search engine, make it clear and understandable and you will be on your way to increasing your sales in this new venue.