You’ve Got Mail

As an ecommerce merchant you decide it is high time you join the ranks of those producing monthly newsletters and you commit to starting one. Yet for some reason the campaign doesn’t seem to be going as great as you thought it would. What could the problem be?

Many times when a company decided that it may eventually want to start some sort of email program it starts to collect the email addresses of all its customers. The problem can arise when the program isn’t instated right away and the addresses sit around for a year or more without any contact in the interim. Then once the company is set up and ready to start their email marketing program they compile a list and send around the email. But a year without contact doesn’t make for a royal welcome even from previous customers. This can definitely hinder the deliverability of the emails.

Additionally, many times people may submit their email address as a spam tester. Meaning if emails are sent to this specific address it’s probably spam or something I’m not interested in because if it was legit they would have my regular email address. A good way to bypass this problem would be to initiate contact by sending out an introductory email to the whole list of contacts you have amassed. You can word it as an opt-in email, explaining to the customer how you have acquired their address (you have purchased something from our company within the last year) and offering them the option to view your products and/or sign up to a monthly newsletter. This will definitely generate a better response than a “New spring arrivals” email without any form of introduction as to who you are or how you have acquired their address.

Sometimes merchants may err in these areas which may cause them to land on some sort of black list, either by emailing without an introductory email, or by contacting a purchased list of wary costumers. In both cases he has a lot of frustrated contacts which lands him on a black list. What should he do now?

In some cases, depending on which server, you can speak to the person responsible for your case and rectify the error. In other instances just by reviewing your actions and rectifying the wrong you’ve done you will automatically be erased from the black list. The way the algorithms are created, if they see you trying to right your wrong and behaving okay , you’ll be back in business.

And as any expert on the matter will advise, it is best to stay away from purchased lists though there may be benefits in some situations, as these there are very big chances the emailing a purchased list of addresses may just lend you in spam or worse onto a black list. So try to acquire your own legitimate list of people who may be interested in what you have to offer!