You’ve Got Mail…Open it!

Email marketing plays a tremendous role in marketing campaigns. It’s a great way to connect with consumers and send direct notifications about upcoming sales and events. It’s an excellent way to advertise because you can assume that more people will see it over a billboard or newspaper ad… Or could u? A great email is only great if it is opened and read. How to ensure maximum readability? Read on for some tips.

Keep your subject lines short, sweet and to the point. Reader attentions span is not long and too many words can cause your reader to skip onward. Include a short compelling description of the event you are running to encourage your reader to read on and browse your site. Keep it simple for maximum effect. Certain words lend an added persuasiveness and when used in your subject lines can increase your open rates by 5 percent! Consider including words such as: New (excitement), Save (great deal), Safety (dispel un-loyal thoughts), Proven (tried and tested), Love (what more to add!), Discover (another excitement one!), Guarantee (worrier diminisher), Health (health always come first!), Results (similar to proven), and You (what YOU have to gain!)

Most of us are more prone to opening emails from contacts we know (friends, family) and usually leave the other random emails to be opened at a later date. Create a connection with your customers, whether via social media or personal messages, that will raise your placement on the hierarchy of email correspondents. This will greatly improve your email opening rates!

Make yourself useful. Aside from product awareness or special offers, it is imperative to provide another reason for your reader to want to see what you say. Whether it is exclusive coupons, entertainment, helpful tips, or relevant information, you need to create an image of your company as one whose emails are worth opening, ‘there’s always something good there!” Short video clips, songs, daily tips, design ideas, recipes, images, etc all help to create an email that garners customer interest. Segmenting email list is always a productive idea. Whether it’s based on product preferences, age, gender, location, frequent shoppers, etc, the more targeted your campaign is, the better results you will see. Gathering information to help you segment can always be done when someone subscribes or completes a purchase on your website. A (very!) short questionnaire can greatly assist you in appropriate segmentation.

All these ideas will be useful in improving your email marketing campaign. The main point here is to create an email that speaks to people and encourages them to see what you have to share. After all, the competition out there is only rising; it’s to your best benefit to create that customer rapport that will encourage optimal conversions.