Facebook Marketing

Research has shown that people are spending more and more time on social network websites, with more Internet users visiting Facebook than Google. Any smart website owner or manager, on the lookout for ways to promote his Internet Marketing campaign should invest great efforts in maintaining his Facebook page. In a way it acts as a secondary website; it is the voice of your business on one of the biggest social media networks! Creating a Facebook presence is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, tap into a new audience of followers, maintain connections with all customers and ultimately convert followers into customers. We offer the following Facebook Marketing services.

  • Design, build and help promote a Facebook business page
  • Create a Facebook cost per click campaign.
  • Utilize Facebook places to promote specials and deals.

We are available to answer all questions regarding Facebook and your business. Whether you are just signing up or you want to learn how to really create the Facebook presence your company deserves, Bitochon Technologies, your Internet marketing company New York, has the solutions.