Reputation Management With Bitochon Technologies


Are you prepared to handle damaging feedback that could ruin your online reputation?

In today’s competitive business world, companies can no longer ignore content meant to damage their reputation and brand. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines can be used as weapons to ruin a company’s reputation and brand.

Whether negative feedback is posted on blogs or forums, it only takes one dissatisfied customer, a former disgruntled employee or even an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend to spread negative information about you or your company.

Just like how SEO is used to boost website rankings to attract more visitors, it can also be used against you. Negative online feedback can prevent you from gaining new customers, prevent you from finding good employment and even ruin your personal relationships.

People often hire attorney’s to fight against people who have ruined one’s reputation. However, bad news travels fast on the Internet. When negative information is being promoted on the Internet about you, you need an immediate plan of action to stop the spread of bad news.

Let Us Help Save Your Online Reputation Today!

The key to protecting your online reputation is by taking immediate action and attacking negative content with an effective strategy. This strategy is known as Reputation Management.

We offer an assortment of resources to promote positive content to rank high within the search engines. When positive feedback about you is saturated on the Internet, your negative content will be pushed down to where it will be virtually impossible to find.

We start off with a comprehensive analysis to determine where your negative content is coming from. Then we develop a strategy to help bury negative content with positive content. At Bitochon, we are committed to saving your online reputation.