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Are you on top of your reviews? Reviews are not just for restaurants any more. Today “reviews” have to be part of your internet marketing. You made a sale, ask someone to submit a review! Are you monitoring your reviews? You should! You want to respond and address any negative reviews. With sites like yelp, google reviews and others you can’t afford to not being on top of your reviews.

Why Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews should be part of every company’s marketing campaign. Reviews can help improve your web presence and it can be used as a marketing technique to help increase sales.

Increase Your Conversion Rates with Reviews

Today, there are several ways to help increase your conversion rating.

One way to boost your website sales by including your customer reviews. Reviews will not only help boost your sales, it also increases the value of your business.

In order to convert your website visitors into buying customers, it requires building trust. Building trust with online shoppers includes a combination of providing your visitors with a user-friendly website, engaging content, complete product details such as product descriptions and customer reviews.

According to recent marketing surveys taken by marketing analyst, more and more online shoppers are reading customer reviews prior to purchasing a product or service. Regardless of what industry you are in, your customer reviews is an important aspect of your business.

At Bitochon, our review service includes incorporating your customer reviews on your content pages in order to help drive sales.