Should You Involve Your Developer in the Design Phase?

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

There are numerous considerations to make when getting a website made for your business. You have to get the right professionals to do the job, including designers and developers. Generally, the project is divided into different phases. First, the designers do their work. They come up with a blueprint for the website and how it would look. This includes finalizing the layout as well as the color scheme. Once they have finalized the design, they hand it over to the developers who then start the actual creation of the website.

It is quite clear that the two roles aren’t mutually exclusive. Every website design job requires a developer to complete the task. Conversely, web developers cannot develop a website until the design is ready. As a webmaster, you might be confused about the level of collaboration between the designer and the developer when it comes to creating your website. Since they both are performing different tasks, you might feel they don’t need to interact.

Yet, when you discuss what the developer has told you with a designer and vice versa, you might start feeling as though you are talking to professionals from different planets. To make the process seamless and smooth, it is a good idea to get the developer involved in the design phase. There are a few reasons why you should do this:

Stay on Budget

When coming up with a budget for a website, you have to take into account the costs of both designing and development. Yet, if the designers and developers aren’t on the same page, the final cost might exceed the budget you had in mind. Having the developer on board from the outset ensures this does not happen. Rather, you can make it clear how much money you want to spend on your website design and development project and let the professionals decide how they are going to manage it.

Wider Range of Ideas

Developers and designers might be handling different parts of the process, yet they both are working on the same project. This is why you should encourage them to share ideas. For instance, your designer might propose a certain theme but the developer might counter it by informing you that it would increase the website loading time, something you cannot afford.

Smoother Process Overall

When the developer is involved in the design phase, it ensures a smoother process overall. When the designer hands over the project to the developer, it is akin to a relay runner passing on the baton. This not only speeds up the project but also ensures there is less risk of error. You don’t have to have to constantly shuffle between the designer and developer just to ensure they are on the same page. This can be a huge hassle once the development phase starts. As you can see, there are clear-cut reasons why you should involve your developer in the design phase. Moreover, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Two heads are better than one and you can benefit from their collaboration.