The Internet Consultant League

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Putting the “Super” Into Information Superhighway

STATEN ISLAND, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — November 21, 2006 — Bitochon Technologies’Awesome Internet Consultant League Ensures That Businesses Live to Fight Another Day.

The Internet will never be the same again. Bitochon Technologies’ Internet Consultant League fights the good fight in its eternal quest to help businesses succeed online.

“Tough times call for tough measures,” says David Adress of Bitochon Technologies. “It’s a competitive world out there, and businesses today need Bitochon‘s computer super heroes on their side to make the most of the Internet.” The Internet Consultant League helps distressed businesses battle the everyday problems of the Internet. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and hyper-fast broadband connections, the League is a potent force in today’s wired world.If your business is in trouble please call Bitochon, a website development company in New York also known as “The Internet Consultant League”.

The Internet consultant league cruises the information superhighway in their souped-up Internet web vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with top of the line computers, driver and passenger Internet Browsers, and super fast broadband connections. They help distressed business victim’s battle the everyday problems of the Internet and emerge victorious. Each member of the team has unique qualities and skills to contribute. Come and join their never-ending quest to help businesses like yours succeed on-line.


Each member of the League possesses unique skills to help businesses on the Internet. Web Designer Woman uses her impeccable taste to create professional, fully functional web sites, custom designed for individual firms. Search Engine Optimization Man uses his wit and mighty skills to battle powerful search engines, lifting web sites up from the depths of the Internet.

Internet Marketing Boy arms your business with various Internet marketing strategies to drive online sales and help raise profits. Business Intelligence Man, with his ability to crunch numbers and data at lightning speed, churns out statistical and analytical reports on demand. Computer Consultant Girl creates custom software, troubleshoots networking issues, and solves many other computer-related and support issues.

Web Designer Woman

Web designer women wearing her web spun designer dress has great taste in cloths and web design. She takes businesses to a new level of professionalism by creating the perfect website. Each website is custom created with customized graphics and designs to cater to the client. It doesn’t matter if the website is static, database driven, or even shopping carts. Web Designer women can handle the task!

Search Engine Optimization Man

Search Engine Optimization man uses his wit and mighty optimization skills to battle the mighty and powerful search engines. S.E.O. man helps lift and raise it’s victims up from the depths of the Internet where lost websites lie still waiting for a glimpse of traffic hope. Join him in his constant pursuit for exposure, traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Internet Marketing Boy

Internet marketing boy has the super ability to multitask and help your business with different Internet marketing strategies to expose your website for the good of all sales and help raise those profits.

Business Intelligence Man

Business Intelligence Man is equipped with a big brain and able to process large amounts of data at light speed for statistical and analytical reporting. Data comes in all forms and it’s that information that can help your business make the right decisions.

Computer Consultant Girl

Her sharp computer skills allow her to create custom software, train, troubleshoot networking issues and solve many other computer-related and support issues.

Please stay tuned each week as our Internet consultant’s takes on different website project victims.

“If your business is in trouble and you have nowhere to turn, call the Internet Consultant League,” says Adress. “With the League on your side, business will boom like never before.” Bitochon Technologies is a web design consulting IT company, providing professional services in custom website design, graphic and print design, web application development, e-commerce, Internet marketing, search engine optimization and business intelligence . Bitochon primarily serves clients in the New York-New Jersey area, as well as across the United States.

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