Life Settlements Policy Case Management System

Policy Management

Our easy-to-use online system enables you to store and search through all your policy case data. Access your data from anywhere at any time. You can create client data and store multiple policies for each client.

Document Management

Upload and attach all your documents online. You can search and access these documents from anywhere. You can attach a document to a client policy. You can also store additional fields to search for a document.

Bid Management & Tracking

Here is an easy way to track all your bids from providers. You can easily view all bids and see who has the highest bid when shopping your policies.

Note / Log Tracking

Track all correspondence in connection with a particular case and set reminders for yourself to follow-up on specific tasks.

Tracking / Other

Track the latest estimates, APS and Illustrations, run reports and more. Customization can be accommodated.

Email Documents

Having trouble mailing that large medical record or other document? Certain email systems block large attachments, but our system allows you to email documents or links to documents.