Is PPC really worth it?

We do alot of pay per click management for our clients on a number of different websites belonging to different industries. The number one question that I get from clients is “Is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising really worth it?”. Am I getting a real return on my investment for the amount of PPC campaigns cost me.

PPC is worth it is done the correct way. Alot of people create a campaign on Google Adwords, throw up a few campaigns, select a bunch of keywords and then blow hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time. Their ROI is off the charts, they get frustrated and never again attempt to do “pay per click” for their website. Also, since most users are inexperienced they usally give up by now since they are not doing SEO and then the website dies. It goes to that “information superhighway” in the sky where great ideas for websites die.

Marketing and especially internet marketing is tricky. You have to be patient and try different things and you can’t just give up. You need to have the time to properly manage your PPC account. You need to be watching campaigns, adjusting bids, trying different ads, watch your logs and a slew of other things that go into PPC management.

You also need to test different PPC campaigns. You may be spending thousands of dollars on Google a month and it may not even be the right engine for your website business. You should always look to hire a professional and especially someone who is certified to manage your accounts. They should always give you the flexibility to monitor their campaigns.

PPC is one of the fastest ways to get your website some exposure and can be a great tool in your internet marketing arsenal.