Bitochon’s CRM sales portal empowers sales teams to close more deals by combining a sales process framework and sales team collaboration. It gives you a proven process that identifies bottlenecks in the sales pipeline and lets you manage sales people effectively, which can translate into more sales.

Next-generation sales management software combines online team collaboration and a sales process foundation that enables your sales teams to work together effectively and close deals faster. At the same time, it allows you to manage your sales people more efficiently. Sales management software organizes sales data effectively and proactively engages customers by putting all customer information directly at your fingertips no matter where you are.

With better visibility into customers and the sales pipeline, your managers are able to provide more proactive coaching support where and when it is needed the most. For example, managers can see which sales people are not meeting their quotas and/or not making enough sales calls. Furthermore managers can monitor the activity of sales people to see if they are calling enough people back and if each sales person is able to manage his/her customer base.

Using Bitochon’s CRM sales portal, your salespeople can quickly search and dig deeper into sales data to obtain a more comprehensive view of any situation. The real-time sales pipeline model generated by the sales management software enables you to quickly uncover bottlenecks in the pipeline by filtering down data and revealing details on sales teams, product categories or any other criteria and/or timelines.

With Bitochon’s CRM sales portal, you can:

  • enable proactive coaching support
  • identify potential bottlenecks early on
  • build on an effective sales methodology
  • speed-up CRM adoption with an easy-to-use visual interface

Using the built-in sales process framework you can easily implement a winning sales process customized to your needs and based on your own best practices. Bitochon’s CRM sales portal combines all the tools your sales reps need to improve their performance.

You can forecast revenues with more accuracy and less effort. Additionally, you can track sales opportunities 24/7, stay on top of your sales progress and make sure that your sales teams reach their goals.

The pipeline management tools integrated into Bitochon’s CRM sales portal help you determine the quantity, quality and velocity of sales opportunities passing through the sales pipeline.

Integrated lead management makes it easy to capture, manage and distribute prospects to the appropriate. Consequently, your leads are pursued diligently and nothing falls through the cracks.

Bitochon’s CRM sales portal automates time-consuming administration tasks so that your salespeople can spend more time selling and less time administrating. It streamlines the sales management process while keeping sales data effectively organized and easily accessible from anywhere.