A Look Into the Mind of a Creepy Crawly

Once you have a website created you want to improve your ranking and start traffic moving in your direction. How to go about that? Starting from the bottom up and optimizing your whole website is a much smarter solution than just sticking in a few popular keywords in random places. You need to start from the bottom to create a page that will score good by the search engines. There are a couple of key elements a search engine spider will take into account when evaluating your page/site.

Creating a title and headings for your page, when done correctly can add a lot to your scoring. Compose a title with up to five keywords, that contains relevance to your site, not just words like “Home Page” or “Page 1”. Titles are crucial in your scoring so why waste it? A heading is viewed as an important point on your page so additional weight is given to the words found in them. Try to place keywords inside.

A spider will assume that words placed higher up on a page are more important to your site so they will weigh those more. So don’t shift important keywords too low down. Content is judged the same way. If your page seems too long and important content is too far down to get the proper evaluation, maybe split your page into multiple pages to give all your content a fair chance!

Sites that link to yours are taken into account too. The amount and quality of sites linked to yours ( PageRank ) and the relevance to the pages that are linking too are all checked into and scored accordingly. The relevance of the anchor text (for inbound links, where applicable) from the referring site is also measured. A spider will also keep track of the visitors to your site and the links they follow, if they look satisfied,etc. The more links followed for a specific search the more relevant the link is deemed. A search engine likes to see an updated, taken care of site. New or recently modified content is given superiority and rewarded as such.

Lastly, but not leastly, keep on eye on your codes. A website , properly structured with proper coding is assumed to have better quality so the spider may give higher placement!

There are a couple of things that may harm a page’s ranking, so be sure to steer clear! A page with broken links will automatically get a lower scoring for their keywords because a search engine won’t view it as a page with fresh content. In addition any attempt to fool a spider like invisible content, irrelevant keywords (just to draw extra traffic), etc is a big No No. Use of these tricks can cause a search engine to ban a site if they catch on. Try not to bring extra negative attention to yourself from the search engines by over submitting your site. It will likely cause them to place a ban on your site. Don’t submit more often that once in every three months.

Good SEO is a process, not just a few quick steps. To achieve higher placement it takes time and effort, but if you know what the search engine is on the lookout for and you optimize correctly you’re on the right track!