An Alternate Search Engine Solution

Vertical search engines are cropping up in all areas on all topics. Vertical search , otherwise known as domain-specific search, consists of search engines that focus on specific pieces of content. It may be based on topics, location, or other differentiating relevant information. The advantage it carries over horizontal search engines is such that when one conducts a general search the engine has no background information of who the person is and what they may be looking for, save for the words keyed in. A basketball fan trying to find out about his favorite players and their next game keying in “basketball” is not looking for the same information that a middle school child trying to figure out the properties in a basketball that make it bounce for his science project. The vertical search engine will have been customized with it’s specific purpose, for example “upcoming basketball games” or “the properties in a basketball”,etc. A vertical search engine will take away that ambiguity of the surrounding details of the said keyword.

From a marketing point of view, it enables you to control the relevancy of search results and customize the content for your users. People who advertise on vertical sites are able to reach their prospective consumers who are close to finalizing a purchase decision. Someone who is doing a search on a yacht search engine is much closer to buying a yacht than someone doing a general yacht search with horizontal searching. In addition the costs are nothing compared to the expense of advertising on a general search engine.

Google has the big advantage of a large viewing audience. It may be worthwhile to look into supplementing your normal Google campaigns with smaller vertical search engines. You can also use Google to find the vertical search engine to tailor to your needs. Vertical search engines can also help the advertiser attain a better ranking on the universal search engines and lower the cost of their online advertisements.

Vertical search engines collaborate the intentions of the advertiser with those of the user. The advertiser wants to reach a targeted audience and the user wants more narrowed results for his search.

Vertical search is predicted to play a big role in the paid search market in the next few years. Marketers must create a strong management strategy to fully profit from these search engines. As more and more users turn to vertical search we must be established to benefit from it.