SEO Linking By The Book

The goal of SEO is to improve your rank in search engines for targeted keyword phrases. One of the issues that can attribute to not being ranked is poor page-to-page linking. This is also known as internal linking or cross-linking. You have full control over internal linking as opposed to inbound links so, make sure it’s utilized to its fullest potential. When pages link to other pages without a clear goal in mind you may end up diluting the theme of your website. When you don’t have a clear theme it is hard for the search engines to understand what your website is talking about.

To solve this problem you want to focus your linking by thinking in terms of a book. A book has many chapters and each chapter has many pages. Your goal is to build very strong chapters or themes that help support your book. Each page within the chapter would help support your chapter or theme and all the chapters together help support your main keyword or book.

You want to build this type of concept into your general navigation. You can have multiple books if needed that talk about different topics. You can achieve this type of navigation by either using directories to help support the different books or you can do it with vertical linking. If using a directory you can relate pages by grouping all the like pages under that directory name. The names of the pages also help support the general directory theme. You want to have at least five pages within that directory to support that theme.

As an example: Let’s say we had a website about appraisals. We could create a directory called commercial appraisals, and then have commercial appraisal based pages within that directory. You should of course have content rich pages that support your theme. Each one of those pages would then link to each other to strengthen the theme. I may also have other directories like residential appraisals. Let’s say on one of the commercial pages discussed residential appraisals. You could then link that page to the landing page of the residential directory. The landing page would be the main page that people would hit for that theme. In our case, it would be the main commercial page within the commercial directory or the main residential page in the residential directory. If you start linking individual commercial pages to individual residential pages you end up diluting your theme.

In vertical linking you would create themes based on links only. As an example your main page would talk about appraisals. You could then have links to a residential appraisals page and a link to a commercial appraisals page. You would also link the main commercials page to the main residential appraisal page.

In summary, the point of linking is to group similar subjects and you of course want the content to support it.