SEO : Search Engine Optimization New York

Are your looking for your website on the Internet? Did you enter the name of your business in one of the search engines and come up empty handed? Are you now wondering if you are lost? Are you now thinking you wasted your money to design your own web site? Fret Not! Bitochon Technologies, located in the New York area, can assist you in trying to improve the search engine rankings of your web site. Search Engine Optimization is the process that optimizes your website for better ranking results and move you up the ladder of success. Through out the years our staff of experienced SEO technicians have helped many companies once again find themselves on the Internet, bringing new customers to their doors every day. New customers, old customers and future customers are what make a business grow and prosper, isn’t that what it is all about? Making money and enjoying success! Sometimes your web design is just not enough to make that money that will allow growth and more success to your business, you need to be on the top. Why leave your business on the first step of the ladder, begin your climb by contacting us for your web site SEO evaluation.

Search Engine Optimization is not something just anybody can do, you need experience and knowledge, something the Bitochon teams are known for, and our prices are just right also. Our New York location has not stopped us from helping businesses nationwide to climb that ladder and find their way to the top. Remember, no one looks down, only up!

Our SEO staff is able to do extensive keyword research, a means of finding the keywords that allow your web site to move up among your peers, and with this edit the web site content and rewrite your content to be equal or better to those on the top. Perhaps you do not have enough content on your web site, our team of writers can rectify that for you, populating your web site is important for SEO. We take the time to evaluate each page on your web site. With our up to date technology, we are able to offer all search engine optimization services at prices that are affordable. You can’t let this opportunity pass you by and continue to let your business lose revenue. Bitochon Technologies was established many years ago and through out the years has designed all types of web designs for all types of companies.

Please take the time to click below to read our brochure, explaining SEO. This may assist you in making your smart business decision today! We offer a full line of (SEO) affordable search engine optimization services including:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content editing and rewriting
  • WebPage Optimization
  • SEO placement and Submission (Engines/Directories/Other)
  • Link Exchange Management
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Reporting and Monitoring Other Internet marketing and advertising options

Reverse SEO

We also offer reverse seo optimization for sites that you may want to appear lower in the search engines. Do you have a specifc page or set of pages that you really don’t want high up in the search engines? Well, we also offer reverse SEO where we try to make that page go lower by bringing other pages higher. Perhaps your a superstar or celebrity and there’s a website that has something offensive to you which they won’t take down. We will do our best to bring other pages higher so the offensive page moves down. We offer hourly rates or monthly ongoing evaluation and adjustments. Read our SEO brochure:

SEO Brochure (back)

SEO Brochure (front)

Internet Marketing

Don’t think that just because your business is on the web that marketing is any different. To an extent, Internet Marketingis harder than traditional store front marketing.Internet Marketing doesn’t bring in walk-in traffic. There are many ways to market and advertise your website. You can setup an email campaign. You can setup multiple pay-per-click campaigns. You can optimize your website. You can participate in affilliate programs and more. Bitochon can help design an Internet Marketing plan so you can start acquiring traffic. We work with you to determine and implement a campaign that’s right for your business.

PPC or pay per click is one of the fastest ways to advertise your website business. You can literally be up and running in minutes. However, you need to be careful on how you setup your campaigns. Designing and managing a quality PPC campaign is a skillful task. Setting up a campaign wrong can cost you money.

Email is a very powerful way to get your message out. You want to setup a quality campaign without spamming. You can create your campaign to be cost effective by using the quality software, email lists, and common sense. A great method of collecting opt-in email addresses is on your website. Try and build a way into your website where customers can easily sign up or get information about your product and/or services.

Business Intelligence

Once your website is complete or if your business has other data to analyze. Our Business Intelligence consulting services can help you analyze your data. We extract that data, slice, and dice it. We show you new ways to view your data. This information will allow you to learn and grow your business. You can analyze trends, monitor performance, or run ad-hoc queries and reports off of that data. Imagine all that insight your company will gain against your competition.

Search Engine Optimization New York

You’ve come so far and built your website. Congratulations are in order. But how do you come up higher in the search engines? Bitochon can help your company with hosting, Internet Marketing and search engine optimization. Our SEO services help optimize your website through organic search results. Our company is known to provide affordable search engine optimization rates unlike our competitors. We offer content creation, placement, and help with building link campaigns. Our team of SEO specialists will utilize different techniques to help your website achieve better search engine rankings. We have optimized many websites including our own for the keyword Website Design New York. We began the SEO process a few months ago. Our initial rank in Google was about four hundred. After utilizing proven SEO techniques we are proud to say we are now in the top twenty. We know we still have a way to go but we are confident that we will hit our desired target. If our company was able to optimize for that phrase which was very difficult. The phrase was difficult because every web designer in the New York area wants it. Imagine, what we can do for your site and your keywords phrases. When you have a minute please check out our SEO portfolio.

Site Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or called SEO for short is comprised of many techniques. One of the key components is the actual structure of your website. You want to make sure that it’s designed correctly at the start. Imagine, how some businesses spent thousands of dollars for an all-flash website only to find out that search engines cannot parse flash.

Remember when we were kids we would scream out to the teacher “pick me pick me”! We raised our hand and shouted out to be heard. SEO optimization principles are similar. Your website should scream out to the search engine’s that your about that subject.

Another key component of SEO is link building. You can buy, sell, or trade links. If you’re smart you can try to create a link magnet or link bait to obtain links. Just remember to hang out with a good crowd. You don’t want to link yourself into a link farm or bad neighborhood and be banned.