8 Tips on Choosing the Right SEO Agency for You

When it comes to choosing the right SEO agency for your campaign the decision may seem overwhelming. With the tips we suggest, hopefully the process will seem a bit less daunting and will guide you in your ultimate decision.

1.The first thing to look into is experience. How many years has the agency been practicing? Have they done many campaigns over the years? Are they a company focusing exclusively on SEO or on other aspects of Internet marketing as well?

2. Investigate the business ethics. With what means do they go about their campaign? You want a strictly law abiding agency, an agency who follow the rules Google sets down and doesn’t try any tricks, no matter how fool-proof they seem.

3. Inquire about past clients. Sniff out any hesitations in handing over the information on past jobs to rule out any fabricated success stories. Check the agency’s past work and look for signs of any funny or not professional business, such as over-stuffing of keywords or over abundance of linking. Ask the references detailed questions about the work done, the successes or failures, and their overall impression of the agency in question. Don’t be too shy to ask the important questions!

4. Though the agency may not be willing to divulge too much about what they feel needs to be improved on your site until a contract is signed, inquire about the strategy they would implement and ask for a quick overview of how they would reconstruct your site.

5. Another point to consider is location. There is no black or white answer as to whether an agency located closer is the agency for you. You need to weigh the pros and cons of all agencies in question and come up with a decision that’s right for you. If an agency located farther away seems better for your website then you will just make do with more phone calls and emailing as opposed to in-office consultations. It’s just a point to take into account but not something to base a decision on.

6. Another thing to look into will be the cost of the services. Find out what the cost includes to be sure there are no hidden fees or you will be shelling out way more than you bargained for. Again cost may not necessarily be a determining factor but it is a factor that needs consideration.

7. You also need to be on the same page as the agency in terms of goals and successes. Discuss the goals before hand to be sure that you are happy with the goals they have instated. You want the campaign to be successful on their part and in your eyes too!

8. Discuss a timeline. Start and end dates. Set attainable goals and at which point you would like what to be completed. Setting up a time frame works well on both ends because it gives the agency something concrete to work with and it helps you to know when to expect what.

Though these ideas are just a brief overview of what to expect when researching prospective SEO agencies, they do touch on most of the important points. Of course you may have to modify some depending on the circumstances but in general these are the main points to consider. Good luck!