Build it Up

One great way to improve your SEO is through link building. As with most proper SEO tactics, you need hard work and effort to really get the ranking you want. There aren’t really any shortcuts, just plain old hard work will be what gets you to the top. Do your homework and research which sites you would like to link to and which sites you have a chance of linking to. Different links are valued differently, and you want the best value for your link! Many times large sites will only offer links for a fee. Figure out what you can offer to the sits that link to yours in exchange for the link. Analyze what makes your link request unique and build on that. If you have quality content available you can suggest that in exchange or offer an exclusive discount or promotional effort.

Additionally, consistency is the key. You need a steady base of links in order for the search engines to be sure of your credibility. Obtaining a large number of links over a short period of time and then nothing for awhile looks a little suspicious and will cause the search engines to question further. It’s not worth it to trick the search engines by joining link systems or buying links, rather try for one link at a time, acquired in ‘white’ way.

The most effective way of acquiring link is by requesting one! You can communicate via email, phone or utilize your social media contacts. Creating some sort of contact with a prospective linker is much more effective than a cold email, out of the blue. Create a connection and then request the link.

Beware of scammers. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Stay away from companies promising quick and easy gains and any shortcut you take will probably backfire on you in the long run.

As with all SEO tactics slow and steady wins the race. Be patient, research carefully and let time and effort build your website. And when needed, contact an SEO company to help you iron out the details!