Decreasing the Bouncing

We’ve discussed the meaning of bounce rate and how it affects our sites in a previous article, so now I’d like to focus on how to improve your bounce rate. Improving your bounce rate translates as decreasing the number of bounces (as opposed to the standard definition of improvement which usually refers to an increase!) A decrease in bounce rate means that fewer people are arriving at one page on your site ad leaving without perusing additional pages.

It is essential for the success of your website that the focus of your website is displayed clearly and easy to read. If you sell lawn care equipment make sure that information is placed in a prominent area, such as the top or center of your page. Don’t make it too difficult for visitors to figure out what you are specializing in or you’ll risk them leaving altogether.

Figure out your target audience. Continuing our previous example, as a lawn care equipment company you need to focus on finding visitors who are INTERESTED in lawn car. In many societies this would apply to males over the age of thirty. Once you’ve figured out that you want to target males ages thirty and older, focus on creating contacts with the people in the preferred age category. This definitely does not exclude establishing relationships with other age groups and genders at all, it’s just a good way to concentrate efforts where they are most likely to reap the best benefits for you.

Depending on which advertising method you are using to attract visitors to your site, be it banner ads or promotional text, utilize your advertisemnt to provide insight to the viewers about what to expect when they arrive at your site. Don’t advertise with ‘hidden messages’ or use phrases that allude to something you don’t provide as a means to get customers. The viewer might arrive at your site to find it’s not at all what was expected and simply leave! So use your advertisemnt method to attract the audience that may actually result in conversions by designing aids that actually depict what you’re all about.

It’s a great idea to use any of the analyzing programs such as Google Analytics to figure out which pages have a higher bounce rate and get to the root of what is causing the problem. It may just be a faulty link, or need a little content rewording, or font resizing. By focusing on an audience more likely to show an interest in your company, designing accurately informative ads and analyzing the cause of the bouncing you can really give your company the chance it deserves!