How to Out Rank Your Local Competition On Google

Although it may be impossible to rank no. 1 in the search engines overnight, it is possible to rank higher than your local competitors within a few weeks.

Here’s how:

1. Create SEO friendly press releases. Posting 1-2 newsworthy press releases will not only announce your company’s latest products or events, it will also help your page rank when you include relevant keywords and a backlink to your website. Make sure you only post press releases to high ranking websites. Never keep your eggs all in one basket. Avoid only posting in free based press release submission sites. There are a few good paid submission sites that can help increase your company’s exposure as well.

2. Get several quality back links to your website. The search engines love websites with quality links to your website or blog. Just make sure that your links are relevant to your website. One way to out rank your competition is to offer to write a guest post on a high-ranking website. Include a link to your website and you’re all set.

3. Most SEO companies have a listing of directories that have high page ranking. Before hiring an SEO company, ask if they post to submission directories that range between PR2-PR6. This will help increase your chances of getting a higher position within the search engines.

4. Post SEO articles to article submission directories. It’s important to note that not all article submission directories are created equal. Only post to quality article submission sites with high ranking. Make sure you utilize popular keywords within your articles. In other words, you will want to use keywords that your target audience is currently using to find the services that you offer within the search engines.

5. Post well written blog comments on high-ranking blog sites and forums. Just keep in mind, if you post spam comments, your comments will not get approved by the site owners. If you’re going to add comments to blogs and forums, make sure you provide people with useful content. Then discreetly include a link to your website. Some websites will not allow you to post a link to your site until you have accumulated a certain amount of posts.

6. With social networking, make sure you fill out your profile and bio. Don’t forget to add a nice photo or company logo. Once again, you will want to provide your followers with useful content . something that they can relate to. Before you can start reaping benefits from social media, you have to first build rapport with your social media followers. Remember, it’s not all about your new product launch.

As you can see, there is a plenty to consider when your goal is to out rank your local competition. Remember to provide fresh content that is optimized for the search engines and interesting to read for your human visitors. After all, they’re the ones who will make the ultimate buying decision.