Indexing Explained

Indexing is the method where a search engine collects information and stores it to simplify and accelerate data retrieval. It is also known as web indexing. If not for an index, each time a search question was keyed in, the search engine would have to scan each document. Scanning each word on 3 thousand documents would take a considerable amount of time, while searching through an index of 3 thousand documents could be accomplished in milliseconds. Indexes do take up room in a computers storage but the benefits of the saved time make it worth it. An index is a list created of each page retrieved in a search that contains a specific word which is then assigned a ‘number’ for later reference. When Google stores an index it uses multitudes of computers to quicken the search with results, process.

Many times when conducting a search you will notice on the result page next to the retrieved website, the word “cached”. Cached refers to Google’s own archived version stored on its servers. It gives you the choice to wither be redirected directly to the website or to Google’s version. Google’s version may have the specific keyed in words highlighted throughout the site. For example: Search the words ‘web design new york.’ Instead of clicking on the link to , try the cached link. You will immediately notice the splash of color. Google will highlight each word requested in a different color which will correspond to the numerous places throughout the site with those words.

Once a site is up and running it would like positive attention from search engines, especially Google. So how do we do this? The simplest way is to acquire a link from another site previously indexed by Google that Google routinely checks up on. There is also the option of submitting your site to Google to be ranked. Once you are indexed by Google the next step is to move up in placement. Good SEO is your best bet at this point. Inbound links from good quality sites will definitely help your rank placement.

There are many other SEO techniques to try to improve your ranking. It may be worthwhile to consult with a team of SEO professionals to discuss what the options available for you are. Because once your site is set up and indexed you don’t want to have to wait too long for the traffic to start.