Link Building

There are many contributing factors to assist you and your website ranking within SEO (Search Engine Optimization), one of which is links.

What are links? Links or hyperlinks connect you to other websites. Web surfers can click links that take you to other web pages or other websites. Spiders crawl these sites to pick up the content on the internet for search engines.

It is better that you link to competitive sites. You may begin by contacting the Webmaster from that site and that person, if interested, will contact you and either give you a link or a link exchange. These links add to your link popularity and function as a part of SEO. Building links is a very complex, time consuming and a difficult job to do. Site linking has become very popular in recent years and most business-interested revenue are doing link building.

Link building is sometimes free, some sites charge a small fee for a link and that site could be of value to you and worth paying the small fee. Although this complex procedure may be time consuming it is worth it because you end up with a nice mix of websites attached to your site. One thing to remember is, you want to link up with sites that are useful to you and to the reciprocal site: a useless link is of no value. This is a great way to gain more visibility for your site and increase your popularity. After all, it’s not what you know it’s who you know! The more links the better! Quality links which are links from trusted sites are better.

An important factor in doing links is the content of your site. You must make sure your content is genuine and of interest to the site you want to link with. Always read over the site you want to link to, make sure it is viable for you before you request a link. It is always good to attach a letter with your request so that you can explain why you would link to that site and why it would be of interest to them. Sometimes the Webmaster will display a contact phone number, when that is the case, you might just want to call and introduce yourself and speak to him in person. You might want to explain the advantages to linking with his site and of course tell them where on your site the link will be set up. If you can, take a good look at the site you want to link to, maybe you could suggest where you would like to place your like, be careful how you make this request, but listen to their suggestion also. If you have to e-mail the Webmaster, you must make sure your e-mail is different from regular spam mail. If it looks like spam it is most probably deleted unread, make it personally yours. Sometimes you will find no one has responded to your request, try to fax them or if you have not called yet and have a phone number, call. Show them you are very serious and not out to waste their time.

How do I find these links you might ask? Very easy! Just go to a major search engine and do a search of your highest-ranking keywords, you will receive a list of sites and pages to go to. Go to each site and read over the content, if it is for you, go forward from there. It is good to look for sites rich in content and make sure your site contains the richness in your content. Keep in mind that sites that are very competitive to you will probably not want your link, so look for sites that may not be so competitive but are of value to you. Also of importance is to check the ranking of the pages you are interested in.

In winding up there are a few important things to always remember, first make sure they have a link page and then of importance is to have a link ready on your site before you ask for a link, have that return link ready! Next you always want to give the link to use including the HTML, making it easy for them to install, and last but not least give as much information as possible including the url where your link would fit in. Because most web users today are overloaded with unnecessary e-mail, again try to make contact by phone, people like to hear a voice and feel connected, let your personality and warmth shine through-you will get further.

Once you have received the link don’t forget your manners, call or send an e-mail to say thank you. This is a very important step in furthering your list of connections. After you pre qualify your contact, only make 2 tries at contact, if no response, forget it. Keep your target list in focus and don’t forget there are sites not competitive to you, but of great use, check them out. After you have received your link, you might want to check other pages at that site to see if they are of value to you and if so, see if you can also ad your link there.

Don’t be disillusioned if someone does not want to link to your site, you may still ask to link to theirs, very often you can. You should create a letter of introduction to use when contacting a site for a link. Introduce your self, give your url, and tell them which of their url’s you are referring to. Very important is to tell them who you are trying to help and their url. Tell them something about the site and what you want to accomplish. End with your contact information, i.e. phone number, e-mail address and so on.

Make sure you design and create a link page on your site for others to link to you and provide an easy to use cut and paste HTML code. Use your key phrases in the linking code, remember, key phrases are building blocks!

You can get links for pages other that your homepage. You might try a online newsletter, or weekly, monthly bulletin. You can become authoritive in your field and write periodic articles. At the end include your name, your company name and your url or url’s. In your articles try to use your keywords. (There is that old “use your keyword” phrase again, shows you how important the keywords are.)

Linking opportunities are everywhere; don’t stop looking for those related links. Try to have a link wherever you can have one. You never know where your link can turn up and by always looking where to put your link, remember you want your popularity to grow. Try checking out the free directories at Netscape, “The Netscape Open Directory”, here you can have multiple links to your site.

Be inventive! Find sites that offer free web sites and create a small site that contains content like your site, and then put in a link to your site. Make sure your content here is valuable to both sites.

Another means to link building is to submit your site to all the general business directories you can find like, or There are many more so look around.

You can also consider a small budget for PPC (Pay Per Click), a great way to advertise on the Internet. You can create an ad campaign using keywords and with those keywords create ads that appear when keyed in by visitors. You only pay when your ad appears. This also gives you presence on the Internet.

Of course you must realize there are ways to advertise yourself off the Internet, join your local chamber of commerce, they will mention you in their advertising and/or directory. You can also see if they will give you a link to their website, as a member they probably will. Contact local radio stations and you can also try the local TV stations, try to get a link to their sites, you might get lucky. Try to join groups and organizations that reflect your industry and you might be able to get links to their sites and if they publish periodicals, you can write articles about what you do. Make sure your business cards and all stationary lists your web address, every time you give out a business card or send a letter you are advertising. Every once in a while you should check your link popularity at a site called, see where you stand.

For those of you who think you might have a problem building your links, there is a software called Zeus. Zeus helps you to develop and build links related to your site. You can also use a free service like for a free link tracking alert, this system sends you email when a search engine finds a new link for you.

To wind up our discussion the last important thing to do is to keep track of what you are doing. Create a spreadsheet or some type of database application and make lists of all your information. Keep track of your links and your link partners. List any articles or newsletters you write. If you start going to site with free web sites, keep a list. Remember this will be your personal diary.

So now you have helpful information, and can be on your way to link building. Get started and Good Luck!