Video SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Site

Online videos are becoming more and more popular. Video can be a great way to promote your product or service on your website or blog. Best of all, you can promote your video 24/7 to thousands of potential viewers from around the world.

The good thing about video is that it is interactive and it can immediately engage a viewer. In most cases, website visitors are more likely to sit and watch a 5 minute video than read a page of sales copy.

If you want to draw more visitors to your site to view your video marketing message, video SEO service can help improve your online video search engine ranking. Here are a few video SEO tips to help improve your rankings:

– Make sure your online video footage is informative. When your videos are informative and interesting to watch, it will prompt people to watch it and share it with other people.

– Select an attention-grabbing thumbnail. This will encourage people to click onto your video.

– Make sure you optimize your video title. Include relevant keywords within your title that’s related to your video.

– Use keywords within your video description that describes your video. This will help your search rankings.

– Make sure you conduct a keyword analysis in order to choose the most popular keywords.

– Unless you are presenting a video tutorial or an e-course, your video should be short and to the point. The key to a successful video presentation is to get your message across within 5 minutes or less.

– Make sure you allow viewers the option to embed your video to their blog or website. This will automatically increase your viewership.

– To drive more traffic to your site, always share your videos on a variety of video sites such as Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

– Get high-ranking links for your videos. This will help your search engine rankings.

In addition, if you are posting videos on your website or blog, make sure you create a video sitemap. Video sitemaps makes it possible for the search engines to read your video content (i.e. description, title, content location, etc.).

Video SEO is not only used to promote a new product or service, it is also a great way to drive traffic for entertainment videos and news footage.

If you’re unsure how to perform video SEO, it is highly suggested that you hire a professional SEO company to optimize your online videos. When your videos are well optimized, it can bring in hundreds and even thousands of potential leads to your website.