Optimizing for Natural Searchers

You’ve got all the appropriate features in place. Your design is eye catching, SEO keywords installed, navigation has been checked countless times to ensure a smooth ride, shopping cart successfully set up, and you are anticipating throngs of eager customers. Months go by and while you are definitely selling, the numbers are not nearly what you had hoped for. Believe it or not it may just need a little tweaking to engage your natural searchers and encourage them to convert and return.

A direct visitor is a person who wants to view your site be it for its information, products, services, etc. He then types in your website domain name in the search toolbar and voila he is redirected to your main landing page. Hopefully from there on he will find what he needs (and a couple of extras he didn’t think he needed!) and he will head to checkout. On the other hand a natural searcher is one who has chosen your website out of the list the search engine has compiled for him after he typed in his chosen words. If you are included in the list, congratulations on great SEO, but in order to fully reap the benefits your website has to be geared to handle all these visitors too. Because any of your website pages can be brought up in a search engine list and act as a landing page to a random visitor they all need to be equipped with similar landing page features.

One idea is to focus on your call to actions. Each page should feature some sort of call to action. Obviously on product pages you will have add to cart or purchase now options to encourage things along but how about on your content or product information pages? You can definitely insert some subtle or not so subtle messages to encourage conversions. Your content pages will most probably attract customers who may not have otherwise visited your site except for the valuable information you relay. You can insert a one liner, for more useful tips such as these sign up for our monthly newsletter, or to see the products depicted in this articles scroll further, any message that compels your visitor to see or do more is a necessary asset to your page. You may want to try something on your customer support page. Though usually your direct visitors are the ones visiting the page there is definitely high possibility that you may get some searchers. So design accordingly and insert some advertorial content and images about your hottest item or newest debut.

If your website is targeting two separate audiences such as consumers and other businesses it’s probable that you will have a little audience confusion. A great way to combat this is by using different keywords to target each audience. A confused visitor is as good as gone! Because each page needs to serve its purpose as a landing page its important that you offer the option to select the appropriate audience type. You will able to see from the analytics of your natural search if a lot of searchers are not landing where you expected them to.

Well optimized pages will hopefully drive a more relevant audience so that majority of your visitors are within the realm of your targeted audience. Regardless, many times your SEO needs the assistance of conversion rate optimization. It’s much more effective to convert natural search browsers than to try to encourage non-converting viewers to visit. It’s also more pleasant for your visitors to have reached a site relevant to their needs.

Implementing any of the above mentioned reasons will be effective in increasing conversions from natural searchers. Once your website is optimized for direct and natural searchers alike you will be that much closer to success.