SEO for Bing

The launching of Microsoft’s Bing earlier this year seems to be another attempt to win over search market share from its main competitors, namely Google. Until recently when many people though of SEO they envisioned optimizing for Google. It was pretty much the most important search engine. With the arrival of Bing, that has changed. Research has shown that the Bing algorithms work differently than Google’s. Bing brings up different results, in a different order than Google does. Compare the results between Google and Bing when keying in the same word.

Bing has quickly become a popular search engine and its important as a marketer to optimize your site to pave the way for the Bing algorithms. If your website is customized just with Google’s search engine in mind it may be time to broaden your horizons to include Bing’s too to increase your rank on this new search engine.

It is important to have a good site map. There are indications that Bing’s search algorithms might rely more on site maps than Google’s do. A site map is a listing of the pages in a website that are accessible to browsers. It helps visitors and the search engine applications locate pages on the site.

There have been many discussions in the SEO world concerning how Bing weighs keywords. It seems that Bing favors sites that have the keyword in the domain or sub-domain. Consider making important pages in your website sub-domains to improve your rank by Bing. Additionally it is possible that sites with poorly composed code are relegated further down on the list in the eyes of Bing. Good code is a biggie to them. If you were contemplating redesigning your site, now is a perfect time!

Competition in this case is beneficial to marketers especially in PPC terms. Earlier on too many advertising dollars were spent as advertisers vied for the Google attention. In addition, price wars were more likely to erupt when everyone was placing their eggs in the same basket. With the addition of Bing we may see an end to this. it is important to stay neutral and benefit from what both Google and Bing have to offer. As a marketer there are advantages from both search engines and why limit yourself and the growth of your business?

So whether or not Bing will be used as a replacement to Google or alongside, it is only beneficial to optimize your site with Bing search algorithms in mind too!