SEO Tips to Increase Your Traffic & Revenue

The Internet is constantly changing, especially when it comes to SEO. Just as soon as you become used to one particular SEO technique, then suddenly it’s considered obsolete. This is why it is so important to make sure you are up-to-date on the latest SEO techniques.

So, if you’re using SEO techniques that worked well for you 7 years ago, it doesn’t mean that it will give you successful results in today. If you fail to stay up-to-date on the latest SEO techniques, you may wake up one morning and discover that your site no longer ranks high with the search engines. To avoid this from happening, follow these current SEO tips:

SEO Friendly URLs – Having an SEO friendly URL contributes to having higher rankings. If all possible, try to choose a web site URL that is not only human friendly, but one that is search engine friendly.

Check for Broken Links -The search engines cringe when a site contains broken links. Analyze your web site and immediately repair any broken links. Broken links can also be very annoying to your human visitors.

Watch Out for Your competitors – You will want to keep a close eye on your competitors. Remember, you may rank high for your targeted keywords at the moment …tomorrow might be a different story.

Quality SEO Content Make sure your SEO content is well optimized and valuable to your readers. Another important thing to do is make your content is scannable and easy to read. Also, your keywords should blend in perfectly with your content. You will want to avoid any awkward sounding text. The general idea is to please the search engines and your human readers at the same time.

Web Content Volume Make sure your web content is beyond the 300 word count. Web content pages tend to index better when you have a good amount of fresh text. 400 and 500 words are even better. Just make sure you only add content that is meaningful and interesting to your readers when you increase the word count.

Avoid link farms It may be tempting to hire a company who promises thousands of links for one low monthly rate. Avoid this at all cost. Don’t make the mistake of hiring one of these so-called link-building companies otherwise it may result in getting your web site banned from the search engines. If you want to truly boost your ranking, you will need to link to high-ranking web sites that are relevant to your industry.

Even though some of the SEO suggestions above have been around for a quite a while, they’re still considered very effective. Make sure you to stay current with the most recent search engine optimization techniques.

If these SEO tips seem a bit overwhelming, you can always hire the services of an SEO expert to evaluate and update your web site. Many web design companies and SEO companies SEO companies offer a free analysis of your site. SEO is still the no.1 way of increasing your online presence and your revenue.