Search Engine Submission

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Some of the top search engines that you should target when submitting your website are listed below. You can also visit our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) section to get a better idea of how this works and how these submissions help to lift your website on a search engine.


Yahoo ranks pages according to their relevance to a particular search being conducted. It analyzes the text of the web page, title, description, source and any associated links. You can submit your URL to Yahoo or they have an expressed 7 day add. They do not guarantee your site will get listed.


AOL combines Open Directory and Inktomi search results. To be included in the AOL Web results, you need to submit your sit to the Open Directory ( Before you submit make sure your website meets the requirements. Since DMOZ submissions are reviewed by live editors it may take a while.


You can submit your url by going to google add url page ( You may also want to consider using a google sitemap. The best way to get listed in google is to have sites link to your for relavant search terms. Google robots will jump from one hyperlink to another and the more sites that are linked the better your chances.


You can add your url to MSN by going to MSN has bots that crawl the Web to add information to it’s search index. “MSNBot” crawls the Web by looking for all type of links within websites. So, be sure to include valuable content that other sites will want to link to this is a good way to get indexed.


Altavista is powered by Yahoo Search technology. So, your best best is submit to Yahoo and you will most likely be included in AltaVista. You can submit your url using this link (


AskJeeves uses Temoa as it’s web crawler. The crawler collects documents from the Web to build it’s index. The crawler follows hyperlinks from one page to another.


Iwon is powered by Google submissions. Your best best is to submit your site to Google.


Netscape uses the open directory ( Your best bet is to submit your site to the open directory project.


Lycos has a pay per click program that is accessible via


Overture is now Yahoo Search Marketing. You purcahse pay per click advertising campaigns.


Dmoz is the open directory project. It is a directory that is managed by human interaction or a whole bunch of editors. Editors check sites is a manual process which means it could take a very long time for your site to make it on the list. Follow their guidlines before you submit your site otherwise mistakes can slow down the process.


Search results for AlltheWeb are now provided by Yahoo.

In Summary, these are the basic big boys of search engine directories. Most people who will be conducting searches will most probaly be using one of these search engines to conduct their search.

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