Spelling Bee

In today day and age with texting and email unfortunately taking the place of good old letter writing and telephone conversations, spelling and grammar may seem pushed to the side. Or are they? Can a lack of correct spelling or poor sentence infrastructure negatively impact a site’s SEO? If we look into the subject a bit it seems that the answer is yes. Research has shown that misspelled words can lead to failed conversions. In one instance an ecommmerce company had misspelled one prominent keywords and once it was corrected conversion jumped by 80 percent!

A sentence that is not grammatically correct might pose a problem to the search engines which can lead to poor ranking. In order not too sound silly and to keep our pages ranking nicely it’s a good idea aside to engage in monthly page performance reviews. This will enable you to review your top and bottom performing pages each month, to check for spelling mistakes,poor grammar, or any other site navigation issues.

Additionally a poor standard of English is a sure-fire way to lose some customers. Proper spelling is essential to a site’s success. Misuse of language in any way is bound to lead to lost credibility in the eyes of your viewers. If your credibility drops this will definitely negatively impact your conversion rate.

Conspicuous spelling mistakes may greatly increase your bounce rate, for if someone arrives and notices a glaring error he may presume that a lack of proper spelling means a lack of trustworthiness. Sometimes if a customer sees a site which is not properly spell checked , he can assume that this carelessness may manifest itself in the actual business too. While this may not be true, we wouldn’t even want our customers harboring such thought towards our business!

So if like many other Americans, grammar was not one of the top 5 favorite subjects, either grab a high school grammar book for a quick review (and make your mom proud!) or avail yourself of the many grammar websites for people just like you! After all poor grammar doesn’t mean you don’t have a great product!