Search Engine Optimization New York Placement


Your website needs exposure! The only way to get web exposure is to pay for advertising and/or list your wesbite with different engines and/or directories. Bitochon can help you prep and submit your site.

Search engines have forever changed the way we find information. Now at our fingertips, we can access virtually any form of information we want. From mundane things like finding out what the weather is like on the other side of the globe, to politics.

But with so much information in the palms of our hands, we are easily overwhelmed. The average Internet user rarely goes beyond the first few pages in their search query to find the answers to whatever problems they have. Thus, it is extremely critical for businesses to gain high within the search engines. It is then important for businesses to invest in understanding and optimizing their website to search engine algorithms.

First thing you have to do is to submit your website to the major search engines online. After all you can not be found if you do not even put yourself out there. After submitting your website to the major search engines, you can further increase your SEO by submitting your website to various directories. Search engines rankings are significantly affected by the amount of incoming links your website has. These backlinks from other websites are critical towards creating a website that has good SEO.

Another popular tactic of creating back links to improve your website search engine placement is by submitting articles to various websites with your links written into them. By offering contents to a wide array of websites, you build your business by backlinking all these articles to your own website of business. You can also effectively create backlinks to your website with forum signatures. Being a contributor to various web forums, especially forums pertaining to your industry, you can take advantage of having your website link in your signature to increase both your visible branding as well as SEO rankings. Ultimately, this will place you higher up as robots crawl these forums.

When it comes to SEO submissions, our goal is to improve your web presence and help you achieve your bottom line.