The ABCs of SEO

The first thing to work on in your SEO is locating good keyword phrases for your page. Don’t try to write your whole site for one keyword phrase, rather focus on writing pages for specific keywords. You want the phrase you choose to be popular but not too popular. Usually the very popular words are very competitive. It’s better for you to choose more specific keywords that can rank higher. Another great tip is to insert your keyword phrase into your domain name. If you can’t put it in your domain name at least try for your URLs because search engines generally read the URLs and assign values to the associated text. Keyword density is the ratio of your keywords to the rest of the words in your text. You don’t want to overuse your keywords. Average keyword density should be between 3 and 7 percent for your main keywords and just 1-2 % for any secondary key phrases.

In SEO ,content is king. The content of your site is basically what the search engines will rank you according to. Because of this it is extremely important to choose quality content. Many times a website has competitors, therefore it is imperative that besides for inserting quality content, you put in content that is is unique to your site too. You need content that will capture your reader’s attention over another site. Besides for this, it is important to constantly add new content because sites that add new content on a regular basis are viewed as reliable sites. In addition the added relevant content will improve your rankings. The more content, the more you have to be indexed and appear in search engines. Following one theme or topic throughout your whole site will give more credibility to each of those pages.

Quality links and links from similar sites to yours are always beneficial. Links from domains like .edu and .gov are wonderful for your SEO because it is quite difficult to get them! So if you somehow find a way to get a link from any such domain, it ranks extremely well for your site!

Last but not least is to live long. Older pages on your site rank higher than newer ones. I guess some correlation to wine…..So try to keep yours live as long as possible.