The Ins and Outs of Linking

When creating a website optimized to rank high by search engines there are a couple of things to focus on. Links are very significant when it comes to SEO . There are three kinds of links: links that start from your site and connect to another one or outbound links, and links coming from an external site to yours, or inbound links, also known as backlinks. Cross links are links within a site to a related topic, so visitors can navigate easily through all related information in your site.

Outbound links are not as significant as inbound links, nevertheless they do carry some weight with regard to helping your ranking. Some things to keep in mind when creating outbound links include:

Make sure to keep your links relevant to your topic. Try to link to other sites or pages that focus on the same ideas as you are. Keep on eye on your keywords. The words you use to link (anchor text) will be of help to you and to the site your linking to when the search engines come crawling. In addition, don’t link frivolously. Many times sites with too many outbound links are not glorified by the search engines. If you keep these tips in mind you should have no trouble with your outbound linking.

Inbound links (Backlinks) carry a greater importance because they measures the popularity of your site among other website creators. Not all backlinks are created equal. There are some links that are better than others. A good backlink is one that starts from a reputable place, especially a website that has a corresponding theme to yours. Bad backlinks usually come from places that are a bit shady like link farms and it is to your best benefit to avoid them, even to the extent that if someone from a suspicious site links to yours , to ask them to remove it!

One of the most important things in your backlink is known as anchor text. The anchor text is the clickable text located in a hyperlink (usually highlighted). Anchor text is the actual text that the links started from. When looking over your backlinks, look for the anchor text and if there are keywords in them. Having backlinks from good quality sites complete with anchor text to include your keywords is a wonderful way to boost your search engine rankings.

In case its taking you a bit of time to get word about your site out and you’re not finding that many inbound links, not to worry, there is a solution. As with most things in this world they can be bought! There definitely are other free alternatives too so it is worthwhile to look into all your options. Be aware though of purchasing links in bulk. Search engines keep track of link farms and chastise those sites involved in this questionable business. Best to steer 100 percent clear of them , no matter how tempting the offer seems.

Bear in mind the ratio of the links in your site, the inbound vs. the outbound. In some cases having many more outbound links than inbound won’t be to your credit. Though this does vary from site to site, be aware of the ramifications of too many outbound links. ( Of course if our site operates mainly via outbound links, like a news report site, it is entirely different.) Cross links help keep visitors on your site longer because they don’t have to leave to find the information they need somewhere else. Cross linking provides them with the opportunity to find what they are looking for easily and quickly without having to scan through all the pages in your site. The goal of cross linking is to spread visitor traffic throughout the pages of related information in your site.

With cross linking, the more links you have, the better ( as long as the links are not overdone to the point that the topic at hand gets too stretched…) for your SEO. It helps to reinforce that your site has quality, related content.

As with all SEO techniques, once you get the hang of them they can help boost your rankings with the search engines. It is a task that requires constant upkeep and supervision so is is definitely a help to know that there are teams of SEO professionals, trained to help your site get the best ranking possible, available. Good luck and happy linking!