The Power of Social Networking and Website Traffic

Social networking in general has been around for many years. We all network with each other at different social events. We talk about whatever interests us at our congregations, churches, club gatherings and more.

Social Networking on the web is an extremely powerful tool to help network your business and attract visitors and more traffic to your website. The key is to work the network!

Work it baby! Don’t just sit there and link! Be responsive! Didn’t your teacher always tell you to interact with your class. The same applies to social networking.

Here are a few examples. Let say your business sells SEO services and any potential business executive who owns a small business might be interested. I would join a few Entrepreneur or Small business groups on say yahoo groups and start networking with people. There are millions of internet users who are joining these groups on a daily basis. so, lets keep to our example and we joined the “Small Business Group” and by chance this group had 3500 members. Wow! You now have the ability to reach 3500 people where you didn’t have before..

This is awesome! You can possibly post messages like if anyone is looking for service or you can help other people who’ve posted questions pertaining to your line of work.

The same concept applies to networking sits liked linked in, and facebook. The key is don’t just join the group. Be an active participant and network!