Web Advertising

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Your company just completed the design and website development process,you want to jumpstart your business and would like some advertising or marketing ideas. There are a number of ways you can market an online business. Some ways are free, some take time, and some cost money. You will need to determine your overall budget and gage what works for your business.

Auction Sites

You have a website but may want to attract customers by posting online autions. This gives you a number of benefits including having another sales vehicle. Some example auction sites include:

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Ubid
  • Bidz
  • Yahoo Auctions
  • There are many others…


I remember watching one of these infomercialsmanys years ago about a guy placing classifed ads. The basic concept was placing many small classified ideas and each add attracting a number of visitors. You can place regular and internet classifieds. Some example classified sites are:

  • Craigslist
  • Luach.com
  • Recommend-It
  • recycler
  • classifind
  • oodle.com
  • There are many others…

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Pay per click allows you to bid for popular keywords. You set how much you want to pay and your daily limit. When these words are used in a search engine search your site will appear. The order will depend on the bid amount. The benefit is you can see immediate results. Some example pay per click programs are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Overture

Bulletin Boards

In the old days when you needed everyone to know about an event or if you had an appartment you posted a note on a bulletin board. This is still used today of course but there are also electronic bulletin boards.

Discussion Lists/Forums/NewsGroups/Blogs

Get the word out! There are many public forms and blogs and newsgroups where you can post. Some may have objections to post commercial ads but many don’t.

Affiliate Programs

Give out a commission and start an affiliate program for your website. Affiliate programs allow websites to provide product links. So, lets say for argument sake I sell roses. I will give another website or person who is interested in making money a link. He would then show that link on his website. If a sale is made using that link from his site, it is tracked and he gets a commission. Do a search on Google for affiliate programs and you will get a number of results or call us.

Be a Writer!

Start writing different articles and place those articles in newspapper or other websites. At the very least they can provide a link back to your website.

Link Exchange

Link with other sites to give your website more exposure. The more links and the better quality of links will get you higher natural search results.

Franchise Your Website

Do you have a website that sells producs. Why not make it a franchise that you can offer other people who want to make money. They would co-brand your products under their own name. If a few mechanisms are in place they simply give you the domain name they want to use and all your products will appear on their site. The orders are actually going to your website but their helping you sell.

Search Engines Optimization

Fine tune your website for better search engine optimization results. The goal is to appear in the top ten for the major search engines.

Paid Directory Listings

List your website in different directories for more exposure.

Sell with Others

There are different shopping sites on the web that will allow you to include your items. Ex: Dealtime, BizRate, Froogle

Advertise On Other Websites

You can advertise your website on other peoples website or perhaps trade links.

Email Campaigns

Email customers about new offers or new products coming out. We don’t support spam!


Buy placement in newsletters or email newsletters. If you can’t find one then start your own.

Press Releases

send out a press release letting people know about your website or product. Examples: PRWeb , DigitalWork, Prnewswire
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