What is the difference between White Black Hat SEO?

First of all you might ask, what is it, I never heard of that? White hat SEO means that the company that is doing your SEO only works in an ethical manner with the client’s best interest. Your Search Engine Professional only has a concern for your ranking. Black hat SEO on the other hand is done in a unethical manner. Which would you prefer? These terms that used on a regular basis just represent the good guys and the bad guys. When you hire an SEO professional to work to get your site ranked, you want only the best practices used and not have them deliberately do things that are deceptive. By using deceptive or prohibitive means for your SEO, they are wearing a black hat. or which they know the search engines prohibit, they’re wearing a black hat. Every company should know the boundaries and stay within them.

White Hat SEO professionals do not play with deceptive means or try to play on the edge of white and black, look for a way to get away with what ever goes and makes them a lot of money, so be careful who you hire. A full service computer consulting firm, specializing not only in SEO, but also in web design, ppc internet advertising, graphics, etc.

Be successful on the Internet, make sure you hire a reputable computer consulting firm who only practice white hat methods to improve the ranking of your web design.