5 Common SEO Mistakes People Make

In order to benefit from your SEO efforts it has to be executed the right way. The following are 5 common SEO mistakes to avoid:

Mistake 1 – Not Targeting the Right Keywords

Some people choose keywords that describe their website but they do not use popular keywords that their target audience is searching for on the Internet. For instance, let’s say you own a weight loss website, you may think that “weight-loss solution” is a great keyword to use. In reality, your potential customers are using “weight loss diets”. When you choose the right keywords, it will help your search engine ranking.

Mistake 2 – Failing to fill in the Title Tags

When you forget to use title tags, you’re not helping your ranking. When you fill in your title tags, it will show up in the search results. When you place a keyword within your title tags, it will help optimize your text.

Mistake 3 – Not Maintaining your Website Regularly

When you fail to optimize your website on a regular basis, your rankings will drop below your competition. Hiring an SEO company to optimize your site will keep you on tract and it will help boost your rankings.

Mistake 4 – Spamming Sites with Backlinks

Quality backlinks are as good as pure gold. The more quality backlinks you have to your website, the better. However, you have to make sure your backlinks are coming from relevant websites. Also, avoid spamming social networking sites, blogs and forums. Spamming can actually ruin your online reputation with negative feedback from site administrators and users. It can also lower your site rankings and cause your site to get banned from Google and other major search engines.

Mistake 5 – Keyword Stuffing and/or Lack of Keywords Make sure you have the proper keyword density (2%-3%) in your website text and SEO articles. When you add too many keywords to your text, it is considered spamming to the search engines. When you fail to add any keywords to your text it is just as bad as having too many keywords. When you fail to have proper keywords within your text, it doesn’t help your overall search engine ranking. You should always have well researched keywords that are relevant to your website.

How do successful companies and website guru’s attract thousands of visitors to their websites?

They have the best SEO companies providing them with quality SEO services on a regular basis. They not only optimize their website text regularly, they also have a library of well written SEO articles posted on high ranking article submission sites. Successful businesses also have a lot of quality back links to their websites. It is important to remember, the key to SEO success is consistency.

Boost Your Ranking This Fall

The fall seasons is usually considered a busy month for most business owners and non-profit organizations. Take advantage of what SEO has to offer. Develop a SEO campaign and promote your website on a daily or weekly basis. This is a surefire way to keep your website in the forefront.