Networking and Telecommunications

We Provide Telecom Solutions That Grow Along With Your Business


Bitochon is a provider of network cabling and voice & data system installation and maintenance for businesses both large and small. Whether you are installing multi-line phone and network systems or simply adding a few work stations and phones, Bitochon is your trusted solution.

We can assist with new installs as well as maintenance of phone systems, servers, workstations, desktops, laptops, wiring, cloud backups and more. We also offer maintenance plans and 24-hour emergency support.

We understand that telecommunication is the infrastructure of your business. Consequently, we work to design a solution that will be effective for you not only today, but also in the future.

Bitochon gives you a distinct competitive advantage with voice and data network assessment, solution design, system staging, maintenance and staff training. We will create and implement a solution with your specific goals and objectives in mind.

Our range of services includes:

  • Network design and re-engineering
  • Desktop and messaging systems
  • Systems migrations
  • Securing data and overall infrastructure
  • Detecting risk factors and responding appropriately
  • Enforcing security policies
  • Firewalls and Monitoring

Remote Online Backups

Remote Online Backups

The remote backup servers at Bitochon Technologies provide a wide range of backup services. Our specially designed software is created to ensure the highest level of file protection and encryption by backing up your files daily. Don’t put your full trust in your computer, without a backup plan you can be in for some real trouble if your computer or network crashes or in case of some sort of natural disaster. It is a good idea to have consistent backup of your files to minimize frustration at any given moment.

Email and Spam Protection

The postal communications of a decade ago are virtually non-existent when it comes to business communications. Who can compare the quick writing and sending off of an email or reply to paying the postage fees and waiting a week or so for a response? While email is a crucial base to all communication today, and a great place to store data, it can also pose a serious threat. With online attacks becoming more prevalent it is more than necessary to protect you and your business. Our website design company based in the New York area offers email and spam protection in addition to our wide range of other design services.
We can safeguard your email and your business from viruses, spam’s, phishing attacks, and other online threats.

We can offload tremendous amounts of data from your server.

Our complete email indexing and message archiving services provide easy access to all archived records and will facilitate effortless searches.

We can help you establish an effective protection system that will leave you worry-free!

IT Help Desk Support

The unique approach of Bitochon’s IT help Desk support services will assist you in developing customized technological solutions to suit the needs of your individual business.

desk_supportWith all the technological options available it may seem overwhelming to successfully run your business. That’s why we’re here. Our specialty lies in the personal approach to each client, providing a service plan that will satisfy both the customer and the service team. A representative is available at all hours to assist you with your computer related problems. Our services are not confined to the New York area, as we have clients nationwide. Call Bitochon today to start benefiting from their round the clock professional service.

Hosted Managed Services

manage_serviceBitochon Technologies, a technology company, offers a variety of website services including hosting. Our hosting services ensure that you will enjoy uninterrupted Internet connectivity, specialized software packages offering services such as email, ftp, and databases, among other benefits.

Our hosting services include, but are not limited too:

  • Application Services- customized support for your individual business needs
  • Hosted Exchange- to prevent spam and ensure safe email storage
  • Email Virus and Spam Filtering
  • FTP
  • Website

By relying on the expertise of the dedicated staff at Bitochon Technologies, you won’t have to worry about the management or maintenance of your service, leaving you to focus your attention on running your business.

Telecommunication Services

telecommunicationThe essential component in the success of any business is the communications system. Without proper communication between the various facets of the managing, marketing, and sales teams and the customer base, the business cannot grow. Bitochon Technologies, a Website Design Company, provides advanced telecommunication services from VOIP to broadband to carrier capabilities. Our expert staff is trained to design optimum voice and data networks for you and your business. Utilizing Bitochon’s VOIP solutions, your business communications are guaranteed to be more reliable, flexible, and mobile. You can benefit tremendously from voice features sent over the data network. Our state of the art systems allow you to stay connected with staff and customers alike even when not in your office via remote office teleworker and simultaneous ring. Additionally, instating changes to how calls are handled can be achieved via web portal with no call to your phone company! Inquire today how we can assist you in designing a dream communications system.