Terms Of Service Agreement of website Design New York

Version Date: 7/9/2009
1. General:
1.1. Bitochon Technologies, LLC (Bitochon) provides services (Services) to its customers (each, a Customer) under terms set forth in this Terms of Service Agreement (this Agreement). The Infringement Policy and the Privacy Policy, each are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference, and all such documents are collectively referred to herein as this Agreement.
1.2. THIS AGREEMENT MAY BE ENTERED INTO BY CUSTOMER THROUGH VARIOUS METHODS, AS DETERMINED BY BITOCHON, SUCH AS BY CHECKING AN ACCEPT BOX ON AN ONLINE FORM, BY CONFIRMING ACCEPTANCE VIA EMAIL, BY SIGNING AND RETURNING A PRINTED VERSION, OR OTHERWISE. CUSTOMER HEREBY: (a) agrees to be bound by this Agreement; (b) represents and warrants that, if Customer is an individual, Customer is 18 years old or older or, if Customer is an entity, that Customer is a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity duly formed (and incorporated if applicable) in good standing where required to do business with all legal authority and power to accept this Agreement; (c) agrees to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information during the registration process, including billing and payment-related information and other account information, and agrees to maintain and update this information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete; and (d) represents and warrants that Customer has the power and authority to enter into and perform under this Agreement. If this Agreement or any future changes are unacceptable to Customer, Customers sole remedy is to cancel the Service. IF CUSTOMER DOES NOT ACCEPT AND AGREE TO THIS AGREEMENT, CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. IF CUSTOMER DOES NOT AGREE TO ABIDE BY THIS AGREEMENT, THEN SUCH CUSTOMER IS NOT PERMITTED TO USE THE SERVICES.
1.3. If Bitochon provides or resells certain software or services to Customer, Customer understands and agrees that Customer may be bound by additional terms and conditions imposed by third-party resellers or licensors, which are also hereby incorporated herein by reference.
1.4. Customer agrees to abide by the laws of the United States and of the state and country in which Customer is located, including, but not limited to, all intellectual property laws, tariff regulations, export controls, treaties, and international laws.
1.5. Bitochon may periodically change, modify, or update this Agreement. Notice will be provided by posting new versions on the Bitochon website, with the version dates as indicated at the top of this Agreement. In Bitochons discretion, notice may also be provided by posting a notice on the Bitochon homepage, and/or by email notification made to the email indicated in Bitochons records, as provided by Customer. Therefore, Customer needs to notify Bitochon if Customers contact information changes. The changes, modifications or updates to this Agreement will become effective 30 days following the posting of the new version, or other notice that may be provided by Bitochon. Continued use of the Services after such 30 day notice period will constitute Customers acceptance of a new version of this Agreement. Please refer to this Agreement regularly to remain updated as to current terms of this Agreement. Changes to this Agreement that affect dispute resolution prov