Frenetic Friday

Okay everybody get your credit card out and ready to swipe with the beginning of the holiday shopping season traditionally known as Black Friday. The name originated in Philadelphia sometime before 1966 and was originally used to describe the heavy car or foot traffic occurring the day after Thanksgiving. By 1975 the term had gained popularity outside the city as well and a more shopping-themed explanation was associate d with ‘Black Friday’ as the day in which retailers see an increase in profits or are ‘in the black’ (as in out of the red…!)

Since 2003, (aside from 2004 when it ranked second) the day after Thanksgiving is known to be the busiest shopping say of the year. Due to the fact that many employees have Thanksgiving as their day off, major retailers feel that this increases the number of shoppers around and they most stores offer some kind of price reduction on their products to capitalize of their expanded customer base. Depending on the retailer, you can have some retailers with specific sale start and end times and others that are open the whole day. Most probably to increase the urgent feeling of the need to shop, many stores will limit the hours of the actual price reductions.

Black Friday is known for its dramatic sale prices especially on electrical appliances and technological devices. But the shopping frenzy has overflowed onto most retail clothing and shoe stores as well. Generally store open in the we hours of the morning, as early as 4 AM! to admit the masses who await to enter. New for 2011 many stores like Target, Macys, best buy and even The Children’s Place (in some locations!)have announced that they will be opening as early as 12 AM and remaining open straight through the following day. Staying up late to shop seems so much more appealing to me than convincing my rational self to get out of bed in the semi-darkness of those predawn hours. Even more than the actual money saving aspects, I think its the frenzy and excitement of those early shopping hours and the thrill of pre-dawn adventures that gets people up and about! Whether you have something specific you need or you just want to be part of the action, grab a coffee and a sweatshirt and have fun! And stay tuned for ecommerce tips on how to best utilize Cyber Monday…