The Advantage to Usability Testers

After tireless efforts your website is now up and running. You eagerly anticipate the fantastic amount of traffic and conversions that are sure to take place on your website. But as the weeks go by the visitors are not generating many conversions. On the screen your site appears as if all is good and well, running smoothly but apparently something is not. Why is this happening? What aspect of your site is not satisfying your visitors need? And why are they leaving without any sort of conversion?

If this scenario seems at all familiar, it may be a good idea to employ the services of a user testing site. A user testing site will run through the usability of your site to determine why people are not converting. For a nominal fee they can perform any task you want, whether it’s a specific run through of selecting and purchasing or just a basic browsing through your site to test the navigation. You can have them try subscribing to your newsletter or run through the log in process. These testers can perform any task just as a regular customer will, except they will give you feedback on why they would feel compelled to look elsewhere for their desired product. They will be honest with you if the shopping cart loading page takes too long for the typical busy browser or whether the design needs a little pizazz to encourage further browsing past the landing page. With their help you can really get to the bottom of this mystifying situation. Sometimes it may take more than one or two testers to uncover the problem, but it’s worth to keep at it until the problem is discovered.

Computers with all the knowledge and ‘brains’ they posses are still an electronic device. There’s nothing like a good old human to test out your website and ensure it’s operating to suit the whims of the typical visitor.