Tips for Working with a Web Developer

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Working with a web developer can be a challenging task, especially if you do not know much about web development yourself. It can be difficult for you to explain your requirements. Therefore, it is important that you know a few tips for working with a web developer. Here are some effective ones:

Give Detailed Requirements

The first thing you can do to make working with a web developer easier is by giving detailed and to the point requirements. Avoid using business lingo or any other jargon that the average web developer would have a hard time. Moreover, give the web developer ample time to ask questions. The quality of the end product depends on how well the developer understands your requests. This is why your requirements have to be clear-cut and easy to understand.Don’t make alterations or amendments at the last moment.Detailed and specific web design requirements result in a good end product.

Make Specific Requests

Aside from your requirements, your requests should be specific as well. Web developers don’t have the inclination or patience to go through lengthy emails regarding your web design. If the point can be communicated clearly in a few lines, stick to short emails. The same goes for the deadline you give for the project along with the work process. Stay specific to avoid any confusion later on.

Ask Precise Questions

If you want a feedback at any point of time, make sure you ask precise questions. Don’t have the developer give you a run-through of the website every time you have to ask about a particular webpage or button. Eventually the developer will get tired and bored of having to explain each and every thing. Make things easier for him/her and be precise.

Provide KPIs Beforehand

This is something most webmasters don’t pay much attention to. You have to define certain key performance indicators that will measure the success of your website. More importantly, you have to provide the KPIs to the developer before commencing work on the project. If the developer doesn’t know what you are looking for from the website, how can you expect him/her to deliver the results you are looking for?

Express Your Appreciation

If you feel the developer has been delivering the results you expect and keeping the project on track, express your appreciation from time to time. Developers may live in a world of coding and machines, but they are human and a small ‘thanks’ can make a huge difference. Yes, you are paying them for the job but a little appreciation might just end up improving the end product. You never know!
These are some tips you should keep in mind when working with a web developer. This will enable you to make the most of custom web development and get the website you are looking for.